Local honey and honey products from our NWT Bee members!

Biggs Apiaries
Local pure honey for sale, swarm removal, and honeybee presentations
Gleason, TN 38229, Weakley County
Steve Biggs: (731) 588-8018
Call ahead, NWTN Beekeepers Association stand at Dresden Farmers Market

Bruce Apiary 
Raw Honey, Nucs and Queens
Dukedom, TN 38226, Weakley County
Thomas Ray Bruce: (731) 271-5602

Miller’s Local Honey
Pure Raw Local Honey: 1lb  – 5gal. Selling clean beeswax, honeybee nucleus colonies, and vsh queens for local purchase only no mail orders on bees
Union City, TN  38261, Obion County
Mark Miller, flashm.mill@yahoo.com
(731) 335-3836

Tarkington Apiary
Pure Local Raw Honey, Packaged in 1lb, 2lb, Qt and bulk.
Union City, TN 38261, Obion County
DaWayne Tarkington, john50wayne@yahoo.com
Call ahead, on-farm sales

Star Pastures Apiary
Raw Honey
Martin, TN 38237, Weakley County
Stephen Penick: Home: (731) 587-4166 or Cell: (615) 415-9229
Saturday 9am – 6pm

Williams Honey
Pure, raw, wildflower honey
Union City, TN 38261, Obion County
Shane and Susan Williams, 
(731) 335-2450

Brown’s Honey Farm and Apiary
Weakley County

Dresden Farmer’s Market
Local Honey for Sale Saturday mornings 8-12