Beekeepers for Swarm Removal

If you have found a bee swarm, contact one of the following beekeepers.


O.C. Nichols

  • Paris
  • 731-363-2707
  • Will service Henry County (entire county)


Jim Leeke

  • Union City
  • 731-885-4832
  • Will travel 15 mile radius of UC

Dwayne Tarkington

  • Union City¬†
  • 731-886-0007
  • Will travel 20 radius of UC


John Stewart

  • Martin
  • 609-970-1774
  • Will travel 10 mile radius of Martin

Steve Biggs

  • Gleason
  • 731-588-8018
  • Will travel 30 mile radius of Gleason

Wilbur Brewer

  • Dresden
  • 731-819-2951
  • Will travel 15 mile radius of Dresden

Ray Bruce

  • Dukedom
  • 731-271-5602
  • Will travel 20 mile radius of Dukedom

How do we remove swarms and why should you leave this task to the pros?

Check out the following posts about how we safely catch bee swarms. Remember that you should not attempt this on your own. Leave the swarm catching and rehoming to your local beekeepers.

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